Issues We Treat

Anxiety, lack of concentration and lacking confidence can underlie or contribute to these disorders

Symptoms    Possible Weaknesses/Disorders 
Difficulty reading & spelling  Sound awareness & sound discrimination
Phonological awareness
Writing ideas  Sequencing thought & ideas
Difficulty constructing sentences
Weak punctuation skills
Messy handwriting  Children who do not have an underlying disorder.
Comprehension/Understanding difficulties  Language Disorder relating to semantics
Auditory Processing Disorder
Short term auditory memory & memory processing
Auditory discrimination
Attention and concentration
Difficulty speaking/expression  Secondary issue to the above
Dyspraxia of thought
Difficulty sequencing thought
Unclear speech  Difficulty placing tongue, lips or teeth when speaking
Developmental speech patterns which have not receded
Dyspraxia of speech – difficulty sending messages from brain  to muscles of  lips, tongue and throat
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Difficulty understanding language
Difficulty expressing themselves



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