About John Saunders Childen's Learning & Literacy

 You are a concerned parent whose child is not doing as
well at school as you'd like

  • Your child's teacher reports all is well at school, but you are worried it's not the case.
  • Your child struggles with their homework every day.
  • You are confused and unsure about what step to take next.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many children as possible who have a learning difficulty, to overcome their problem and reach their full potential, giving them the confidence for a fulfilling and happy future.

The John Saunders Children's Learning & Literacy Team

John Saunders Children's Learning & Literacy

John Saunders 

John is passionate about helping children with dyslexia, concentration difficulties and literacy weaknesses, as well as language and learning difficulties. His entire career has been spent working with children to help them overcome their learning issues. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology and a Masters In Speech Pathology and is qualified in Multi Sensory Language Therapy. For full biography click here…..

John Saunders Children's Learning & Literacy

Sue Semmens

Following a successful corporate career, Sue has now moved into a more settled role at JS Learning & Literacy.Sue helps families with the day-to-day organisation of the practice. She can help with booking appointments, receipts and answering questions about Medicare and private health. Sue also communicates with a range of practitioners who John Saunders works with whether they be paediatricians, psychologists or tutors.

John Saunders Children's Learning & Literacy works with children aged between 5 to 18 years.