John Saunders began his career with children diagnosed with severe autism and learning difficulties. John’s work focused on teaching these children to understand the world around them and the basic ideas that many of us take for granted.

During this time John worked with severe behaviour issues and was committed to settling down the emotions of children to make their learning easier. He completed his Bachelor of Psychology in 2000 working with Australian and international clinical psychologists such as Professor Jay Birnbrauer, Honourary Fellow in Psychology. These practitioners specialised in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). John’s thesis under Dr Birnbrauer was entitled “The role of Fluency in Literacy Acquisition”.

During his early career John consulted in the United Arab Emirates with expatriate families. He also worked in private and government roles in Western Australia and Melbourne.

In 2005, John completed a Master of Speech Pathology. From there he extended his work to specialise in literacy, learning and concentration. His recent focus has been on the role of Mindfulness in concentration and learning. Further interests include the multisensory approach to literacy where he has undertaken studies through the Institute for Multisensory Language Education which is Orton-Gillingham.Today John is passionate about helping children with dyslexia, concentration difficulties and literacy weaknesses as well as language and learning difficulties. Reluctance and anxiety go hand-in-hand with his daily work.

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